Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Life Lessons

Martin Scorsese's short film, Life Lessons covers many aesthetic concepts over the course of just one small film. The director uses color cinematography and music in order to tell his story in the most emotional and meaningful way possible. The story is basically about a painter named Lionel who is hung up on his artistic muse. A girl named Paulette, who honestly  isn't very nice to him. He loves her throughout this film, which portrays the most one sided relationship ever thought possible.

The director uses many iris shots throughout the entire film to establish the important things to focus on through out the film as Lionel tries very hard to get Paulette to stay in his life so he could stay inspired to continue painting. She threatens to leave throughout the entire film and eventually ends up leaving in the end. The colors and the music convey Lionel's emotions throughout the piece as Paulette messes with Lionel's head. The melancholy nature of the music guides us through the film helping us feel what he feels, until it crescendo's to a satisfying end. Leaving Lionel with a new muse, and a new outlook on life without Paulette.