Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Life Lessons

Martin Scorsese's short film, Life Lessons covers many aesthetic concepts over the course of just one small film. The director uses color cinematography and music in order to tell his story in the most emotional and meaningful way possible. The story is basically about a painter named Lionel who is hung up on his artistic muse. A girl named Paulette, who honestly  isn't very nice to him. He loves her throughout this film, which portrays the most one sided relationship ever thought possible.

The director uses many iris shots throughout the entire film to establish the important things to focus on through out the film as Lionel tries very hard to get Paulette to stay in his life so he could stay inspired to continue painting. She threatens to leave throughout the entire film and eventually ends up leaving in the end. The colors and the music convey Lionel's emotions throughout the piece as Paulette messes with Lionel's head. The melancholy nature of the music guides us through the film helping us feel what he feels, until it crescendo's to a satisfying end. Leaving Lionel with a new muse, and a new outlook on life without Paulette.


  1. Hi Aaron. It's nice that you mentioned what is happening in the movie and some of the things that are really specific like music, color in it; however, I don't think that it's enough. Now you just stated the facts, but you didn't give any proof. How does color/music and etc. help the movie convey what it does? What does Lionel feel, what kind of character is he? I don't think I get to know anything in particular about the movie and why it stands out. For a person who hasn't seen it, reading this review would be just getting a plot line, but not an explicit overview why this movie is so interesting. Also, the length. I think it's way too short at the moment.

  2. CLARIFY: I'm not really sure the focus of your post - you mention cinematography and music and that these are used in an "emotional way" but you don't tie that to a particular theme or piece of the story. The closest thing I get to a thesis is near the end - where you mention the "colors and music convey Lionel's emotions."

    VALUE: It's good that you gave us a brief synopsis, though I think someone who hasn't seen the film might understand it differently than what I understand from the film. (I don't see Lionel as being particularly nice to Paulette either.) But I do like how you start your post - it draws us in.

    CONCERNS: You are trying to write about too much (music, cinematography, iris effect, color - all mentioned) without going in depth into any of those elements with enough specific examples. Many of your statements are vague and general. Though these posts don't have to be long, they need to more in depth than what you have. You need a clear central idea and then all of your statements and examples should thoroughly explain and support that idea.

    SUGGESTIONS: You would have been better off focusing on just one element out of the many you mentioned and going much more in depth with your analysis.